The Runaway Sister: The Prequel: Book 0

From Amazon Hot New Release author, Ava Page, comes a new mystery thriller series about Kat Eland. 

Most would kill for what twelve-year-old Kat was born into. The Grant family had more money than they could spend in a thousand lifetimes. But when her charming sixteen-year-old brother dies, her world screeches to a halt. 

Years later, she finds her happiness in the arms of Bryce Barton, an exchange student from Jamaica. As she teeters on the edge of adulthood, she is ready to live life on her terms, but her privilege shackles her tighter to a life she’s outgrown. Then with the sudden disappearance of someone close to her, she’s cornered into making an irreversible decision. And there are some things wealth cannot fix. 

The Runaway Sister is the prequel novella for the Kat Eland Series and can be read as a standalone. 

The Detective’s Wife: Book 1

Kat’s life is an endless string of Groundhog Days. After her daughter goes to college, there’s little left to fill her time. Content and married to a cold-case homicide detective, she is bored. The only colorful part of her week is the neighborhood book club and her friend Ramona’s hair.your

Until she accidentally sees the photograph in her husband’s briefcase. Nearly two decades ago, the case shook the community – The MMM Girls. Their mother brutally murdered all three of her young daughters. With DNA advances and a secondary case cropping up, the detectives revisit the case. How can they not see what is clear to her? And if she’s right, there’s a killer still on the loose.

Nosing into a world where she doesn’t belong sets in place a sinister chain of events. In the meantime, someone has figured out some of her secrets, too… As bodies pile up, the only way to stop it is to solve the case. A case she isn’t supposed to know anything about.

Curiosity… what will it do to Kat?

The Prodigal Daughter: Book 2 – Coming soon!

“The Prodigal Daughter,” the second book in the Kat Eland series by author Ava Page, continues the pulse-pounding journey of the detective’s wife.

Kat Eland has always been skilled at keeping secrets, but as she discovers hidden truths about those closest to her, she is forced to confront uncomfortable realities. In this thrilling sequel, Kat races to unravel the mysteries that threaten to tear down everything she has built.

As Kat embarks on a perilous quest for truth, she realizes that her past is more complex than she ever imagined. With so much at stake, the shocking revelations she uncovers could put her in danger and jeopardize the safety of those she loves.

Packed with suspense and unexpected twists, “The Prodigal Daughter” is an unputdownable thriller that will leave readers gripping the edge of their seats. Will Kat be able to uncover the truth without sacrificing everything she holds dear?