From Amazon’s Hot New Release author of Thick as Water comes a gripping new novel about a mother, her daughter, and the dark secrets coming back to haunt them both.

More than once, she felt someone watching her. But what
woman hasn’t?

Since her husband’s death, Maggie Becker has tried to make her daughter Emily’s life as normal as possible. Finally, with her daughter grown and heading off to college, Maggie can focus on healing and living again. But first, she makes one last gift, a photo book for her daughter. What she finds in the pictures makes the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.

A stranger lurks in too many photos to be a coincidence. In fact, he’s been a constant, unknown presence since the death of her husband. Trusting her intuition, she hires a private investigator. Maggie turns from mother excited to watch her daughter launch into adulthood, to a race to save her family from harm. Afraid to include the authorities for fear the watcher will murder her daughter, she must do it herself. Because the killer is always near. Maggie has the photos to prove it. Emily would be dead before her mother finished the phone call. The more Maggie digs, the more secrets she finds.

What her husband kept from her may kill them all.

Ava with her latest novel, The Watcher


The Author

Ava’s followup novel, The Watcher, takes the reader on a fast-paced thrill ride full of twists and turns. This gripping story is told through the lens of the Generational differences between X and Z with the rise and impact of social media. She is a veteran civil servant who has worked for nearly 20 years in the government in various roles. When not reading or writing, Ava enjoys walking the beaches of San Diego, where she calls home.