The debut novel from Ava Page

Thick as Water: A contemporary fiction novel that will grab hold of the reader from start to finish. In the first week, the novel was ranked in a number of categories as an Amazon Hot New Release for all book formats (ebook, paperback and hardcover).

I would like you both to come in. For Agnes and Liam, life is never the same after these words. In one afternoon, every vow in their marriage is a challenge: For worse. For poorer. In sickness.

Agnes and Liam must confront unexpected challenges and decide: Will they choose each other? Is their marriage worth everything they’ve worked for in this life? How private is information on the internet? Is technology stripping away life’s mysteries a blessing or a curse?

The story grapples with the ever-blurring line between privacy and the media. It tackles the big questions of the rising popularity of medical and DNA testing coupled with ongoing cybersecurity threats.

If light is cast on their dark past, will it take away its power, or destroy their lives?

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